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Markets and Corporate/Investment Banking Audit Managing Director

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About Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (Crédit Agricole CIB)

Crédit Agricole CIB is the corporate and investment banking arm of Crédit Agricole Group, the 10th largest banking group worldwide in terms of balance sheet size (The Banker, July 2022).
8,600 employees in more than 30 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, the Middle-East and North Africa, support the Bank's clients, meeting their financial needs throughout the world.
Crédit Agricole CIB offers its large corporate and institutional clients a range of products and services in capital market activities, investment banking, structured finance, commercial banking and international trade.
The Bank is a pioneer in the area of climate finance, and is currently a market leader in this segment with a complete offer for all its clients.

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Job description

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Types of Jobs - General Inspection / Audit

Job title

Markets and Corporate/Investment Banking Audit Managing Director

Contract type

Permanent Contract

Management position


Job summary

The Markets and Corporate/Investment Banking Audit Managing Director (“Markets Director) is in charge of creating and implementing the local audit coverage strategy of capital markets trading activities, Operations, and corporate/investment banking in coordination with other Audit Leadership (local and global), and under the leadership of the Americas’ Head of Audit. She/He supervises audit activities from risk assessment through reporting, providing strategic guidance on coverage and communication throughout. This includes managing and directing audit plan execution, assessing the control environment/governance of the responsible areas, communicating audit results to executive management and committees as appropriate, recruiting and developing audit professionals, establishing relationship with key stakeholders in the region and globally; supporting the Head of Audit on strategic planning, projects and continuous improvement of the audit activities.


She/He is responsible to review and sign off on debriefing presentations to management and the final report. She/He is also responsible for monitoring the timely completion of the recommended corrective actions. She/He coordinates multiple coverage areas and must be able to autonomously perform the role with sufficient decision-making capability.


The qualified candidate will support the Americas’ Head of Audit in the management of the team and organization of audit activities, including but not limited to developing the risk based multi-year audit plan, staff planning, trainings, improvement of audit standards, continuous monitoring of risks within the responsible area, and active participation and communication with key stakeholders internally and externally.

Key Responsibilities:

- Develop, revise and maintain a comprehensive audit program covering trading desk, corporate lending and investment banking, and Operations that appropriately consider the relevant and evolving risks facing activities within the assigned audit perimeter, producing quality deliverables following IGE methodologies, as per the Audit Charter, and be responsible for auditable entity risk assessment for continuous monitoring and annual planning.
- Participate in audit scheduling to ensure that all areas within the assigned audit perimeter are reviewed on an adequate schedule commensurate with risk, and adjust as necessary for changes (e.g., new products, activities, systems, etc.), impacting the auditable entity.
- Execute the audit plan efficiently and effectively to meet the established target dates and budgets.
- Ensure audit reports are prepared in accordance with department standards, synthesize findings into balanced conclusions, and highlight key deficiencies, implications and recommended improvements.
- Oversee audit execution to ensure quality performance and timely completion of risk and control assessment.

- Ensure the professional competence and continuing professional development of the team by:

Position location

Geographical area

America, United States Of America



Candidate criteria

Minimal education level

Bachelor Degree / BSc Degree or equivalent

Academic qualification / Speciality


• Bachelor or Master’s Degree in accounting, business, finance, engineering, IT or related fields

• 15+ years of experience in audit, at least 2 of which should involve managerial responsibilities in an audit group (e.g. Head of Compliance coverage, Head of Audit)

• Significant exposure in leading audit functions that conform to the regulatory standards (e.g., Federal Reserve Bank, IIA Standards)


• Industry recognized certification preferred (CPA, CIA, CISA).


Level of minimal experience

11 years and more


Key Responsibilities Continued:

- Providing regular and constructive feedback on performance, offering guidance and setting up goals for further development, and promoting positive team environment for continuous growth and improvement;
- Guiding and coaching in the development of the audit work product and knowledge of IT systems and infrastructure pertinent to audit coverage;
- Identifying knowledge & skills gaps, developing training proposals and other solutions to address identified needs; and
- Participate in recruiting efforts, assessing the suitability of candidates for roles within the department.
- Develop and maintain cooperative and productive relationships between the audit team and management of the assigned audit perimeter.
- Maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the appropriate level of management within the assigned audit perimeter as to the conduct of audit activities, control issues affecting their areas of responsibility, the status of outstanding control issues and changes in the activity, which may have an impact on the audit coverage or assessed risks.
- Interact with external auditors, regulatory examiners and members of the Credit Agricole Group internal audit line when directed by the Americas’ Head of Audit.
- Manage and coordinate the program of audit recommendation follow-up, assessing the status and effectiveness of corrective actions

- Support the Americas’ Head of Audit and manage the relationship with bank regulatory examiners

Required skills

Management of a team during an assignment

- Supervise Audit Leads in creating and planning objectives of trading desk, corporate lending and investment banking, and Operations audit coverage, including integrated coverage with 2nd line (Risk/Compliance) and Technology controls

- Contribute to the team’s knowledge and skills development

- Manage audit planning and allocate work streams by team member and effectively manage projects/tasks/staff and budget resources

- Manage co-source resources as necessary


IGE Continuous improvement Program / Transversal topics

The qualified candidate should contribute to the continuous improvement of IGE audit methodology and practices. Specifically,

- Contribute to the creation or update of methodology and audit processes/guides

- Build and share knowledge (e.g., through contributing to SynerGIA, delivering training or taking part in various Methods and Support workstreams or assignments)

- Share relevant information with the IGE Knowledge communities leaders and relevant Audit Partners

- Contribute to one or several IGE knowledge communities

- Manage resources and budget of the assignment to achieve the objectives of the audit plan

- Contribute to the preparation of the audit plan, in coordination with the Audit Manager in charge

- Complete all the mandatory trainings within the defined timelines


Technical skills required

Skills & Knowledge Requirements:


  • Knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of auditing
  • Demonstrated ability to gather, analyse facts, and prepare and present concise reports
  • Knowledge of organization and activities of the Bank,
  • Ability to lead a group or work as part of a group to accomplish shared goals
  • Specific skills/knowledge of FRB, NYDFS, FINRA and/or SEC regulatory compliance requirements for foreign banking organizations
  • Knowledge of SR 08-8
  • Working knowledge of Financial Crimes compliance requirements (e.g. FFIEC rules and NY DFS 504)


  • Understanding of Laws, Rules, and Regulations specific to Foreign Banking Organizations (FBOs)


Competencies Requirements:


  • Very strong communication skills
  • Ability to analyze and summarize
  • Rigor and sense of organization
  • Sense of urgency for results and priorities
  • Autonomy and Leadership
  • Project management (work organization, time planning, feedback, etc.)


  • Relationship management/Commercial sense
  • Capacity to cooperate/Ability to work across disciplines
  • Basic French


Salary Range: $230,000-$275,000