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Operational Risk Manager

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About Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (Crédit Agricole CIB)

Crédit Agricole CIB is the corporate and investment banking arm of Crédit Agricole Group, the 10th largest banking group worldwide in terms of balance sheet size (The Banker, July 2022).
8,600 employees in more than 30 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, the Middle-East and North Africa, support the Bank's clients, meeting their financial needs throughout the world.
Crédit Agricole CIB offers its large corporate and institutional clients a range of products and services in capital market activities, investment banking, structured finance, commercial banking and international trade.
The Bank is a pioneer in the area of climate finance, and is currently a market leader in this segment with a complete offer for all its clients.

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Job description

Business type

Types of Jobs - Risk Management / Control

Job title

Operational Risk Manager

Contract type

Permanent Contract

Expected start date


Job summary

Key Responsibilities

Organization and Co-ordination

To supervise the self-assessment exercises and to develop Permanent Control culture within the Unit and to promote best practice with regard to Risk Management

Ø  To ensure the effectiveness and consistency of the existing control through:

-        mapping procedures covering all risks

-        identification of activities

-        identification of risks in those activities

-        inventory of controls in place

-        mapping of operational risks, classification by degree of importance

-        action plan whenever weakness are identified and to reduce operational risks

Ø  To check:

-        Organization: procedures, committees, etc

-        Methodology: self-assessment, control plan, reporting

-        Effective implementation of application software: OLIMPIA SCOPE etc


Ø  To issue warnings related to any weaknesses in internal control systems in the Unit


Ø  To control and monitor, with the support of the other departments, the actual up-date and accuracy of:


-        Data relating to the Unit into OLIMPIA

-        Document recorded in OLIMPIA : loss reporting and incident reporting.

-        Mapping using the HO Kits.

-        OEA Reports and OEA Database.

-        Response to internal and external audits.


Ø  To participate to the Internal Control Committee under the chairmanship of the Managing Director :

-        Acting as secretary: organizing, agenda, minutes

-        Monitoring implementation of the committee decisions

-        Submitting for approval, operational risk mapping and internal control report

-        Monitoring and analyzing operational losses reports and incidents

-        Monitoring the implementation of recommendation from internal & external audits.


Ø  To organise the Permanent Control Committee (E-PCC) under the chairmanship of the Managing Director:

-        Acting as secretary: organizing, agenda, minutes

-        Monitoring implementation of the committee decisions

-        Monitoring and analyzing operational losses reports and incidents

-        Monitoring the implementation of recommendation from internal & external audits

Supplementary Information

Ø  ORM shall draft and update the reference documentation describing the Unit’s Internal Control

Ø  ORM shall prepare the Minutes of Internal Control Committee, Minutes of the Permanent Control Committee and write down the Annual Internal Control Report

Ø  ORM ensures that reporting of significant events is submitted to the MD and Internal Control Committee as well as Regional Head of Operational Risk.

Ø  ORM shall report Incidents and Losses related to the appearance of an operational risk (OLIMPIA)

Ø  ORM shall prepare the documentation related to any significant operational dysfunction (OLIMPIA)

Ø  ORM shall monitor significant trends in operational risks, through a management report including key risk indicator (KRI) and dashboard

Ø  ORM reports compliance of the Outsourced Essential Activities by the activity managers on an annual basis.

Ø  ORM shall prepare an Action Plan to be submitted at the ICC

Committees, documentation
The ORM should have all information for his mission; he/she will participate in committees or will receive documentation from:
-        Audit:  internal audit reports and half-yearly follow-up of the implementation of recommendations
-        Compliance:  audit from local authorities and important communications (new regulations, key regulatory reporting, KYC reporting, etc)
-        Legal:  new laws and reporting to Legal Head Office
-        Accounting / Finance: external auditors’ reports and accounting reconciliation

Position location

Geographical area

Asia, India



Candidate criteria

Minimal education level

Bachelor Degree / BSc Degree or equivalent

Academic qualification / Speciality

Bachelor Degree/BSc Degree or equivalent

Level of minimal experience

6-10 years

Technical skills required

Relevant experience in accounting/ control/operational risk gained in audit and banking/financial services industry.

Highly analytical, with a strong risk and control mindset

Self-starter with strong communication and presentation skills and the ability to work effectively across all levels and functions within the Bank.