Regional Head of Financial Security Americas

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Crédit Agricole CIB is the corporate and investment banking arm of Crédit Agricole Group, the 10th largest banking group worldwide in terms of balance sheet size (The Banker, July 2022).
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The Bank is a pioneer in the area of climate finance, and is currently a market leader in this segment with a complete offer for all its clients.

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Types of Jobs - Compliance / Financial Security

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Regional Head of Financial Security Americas

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Permanent Contract

Management position


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The Regional Head of Financial Crimes Americas (“Regional Head of Financial Security Americas”) is leading the financial crimes program of CACIB Americas (i.e. North America and LATAM) and is responsible for the development and execution of a comprehensive financial crime program that complies with all applicable AML/CFT and sanctions requirements, including OFAC laws and regulations as well as CACIB Group requirements.

The Regional Head of Financial Security Americas is in charge of leading the financial crimes compliance managers and teams of CACIB Americas and of overseeing financial crimes risks in CACIB’s regulated businesses as well as any future expansion in products/ activities.

The Regional Head of Financial Security Americas also serves as an advisor to the Regional Chief Compliance Officer for Americas and to CACIB Head Office compliance on all financial crimes related local requirements.

Key Responsibilities:

-Oversee, maintain and strategically develop a financial crime, including AML, framework/program for CACIB Americas in line with the applicable regulatory requirements (including anti-money laundering and sanctions) and CACIB Group requirements

- Manage and lead financial crimes compliance teams in CACIB Americas including particularly the set up and management of departmental and individual goals

- Serve as the head of AML for the US, responsible for AML compliance and providing oversight, control, support and coordination for AML related matters in line with the regulatory requirements/ expectations of the regulators

- Manage and oversee the financial crime risk assessments across CACIB Americas’ products and services, with particular focus on the annual OFAC and KYC Risk Self Assessments

- Maintain strong knowledge of financial crime related laws and regulations (including AML and OFAC) and provide strategic guidance to Management and Business lines on the financial crimes program including compliance with existing and upcoming regulatory requirements, change management and potential product implications

-Develop and maintain effective and appropriate financial crime, including AML/CFT and sanctions training program for CACIB Americas as well as awareness activities for staff of CACIB Americas

-Maintain a strong transaction monitoring system to control AML and sanction risks

-Oversee the quality and consistency of customer due diligences, screening and KYC opinions issued through Kiwis by the financial crime teams of CACIB Americas and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and CACIB Group policies and processes with regards to KYC

-Ensure prompt reporting of financial crime related events to the Regional Chief Compliance Officer for Americas and Global Head of Financial Security in CACIB Paris

-Contribute actively to financial security groups in CACIB network to help ensuring global compliance with the financial crime related requirements


Position location

Geographical area

America, United States Of America



Candidate criteria

Academic qualification / Speciality

-        Tertiary qualifications preferably with major disciplines in Finance and/or Legal.


-        Extensive experience at a senior level with a financial institution or regulator.



-        Minimum 17 to 20 years of experience in the wholesale / corporate banking segment within a major international bank or US banks.

-        At least 10+ years in an AML/CFT role, including senior or enterprise-level positions at a firm with global operations.


-        Knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations on financial crime principles including AML/CFT (normal/enhanced vigilance and cases of application), organisation at national and international level (FIUs, suspicious transaction reporting, information exchange), risks (money laundering, terrorism financing, tax evasion)


-        Knowledge of the principles of international sanctions including types of programmes (embargos, asset freezes, sectoral sanctions), issuing bodies, scope and related risks.


-        Experience in issuing well-reasoned, concise and auditable opinions.


-        Practical analysis of operations, customer files and alerts from a sanctions and AML/CFT perspective as well as on monitoring and enhanced due diligences. Experience in analysis of operations that raise international sanctions issues.


-        Knowledge and experience of project management tools (governance, communication), understanding of project actor’s roles and responsibilities.


-        Experience in dealing with regulatory authority’s inspections is essential. Experience in corresponding with the top management of an international bank is desirable.


Required skills


-        Understanding of sanctions and OFAC rules.

-        Understanding of USA Patriot Act and associated regulations.

-        Understand and ability to analyse transactions and payment systems.

-        Understanding of Institutional banking, Banking laws and regulations.

-        Ability to work in complex organizational    structures.

-        Strong analytical and communication skills required as well as the ability to work autonomously and to cooperate/work effectively across all disciplines in the bank. 

-        Knowledge of and experience in the main activities of investment and corporate banking services such as commercial financing, debt and equity capital markets, merger and acquisitions services, derivatives and secondary markets, structured finance, trade finance, etc.

Technical skills required


-        Point of contact to the Business Lines on Financial Crime matters, including sanctions and AML/CFT topics.

-        Manage regulatory AMUOFAC examinations.

-        Manage the Customer Acceptance Committee ("CAC").


Must be completely fluent in English (written and spoken). French desirable.