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Types of Jobs - Risk Management / Control

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Head of Validation Models

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Permanent Contract

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Models used in the US are for a large proportion developed by Head office and used by CACIB on a worldwide basis. In order to strengthen the integration within the Group governance and also to take into account local specificities and requirements (when existing), the Bank has created in New York an independent validation and model risk team (VRM NY) in charge of reviewing local models and Head office models as part of a common platform between VRM Paris and New York.


Conduct CACIB models review as per the validation guidelines and the regulations requirements (SR 11-7, CDR4, TRIM guide) in liaise with Head Office by:
-Proposing an annual work plan on models to be reviewed based on model development plans and model risk assessment, following-up advancement and updating this working plan quarterly,
-Challenging effectively and independently the decisions made during development, follow-up and use of models identifying, assessing and quantifying model risks
-Writing validation reports presenting model strengths and weaknesses and proposing corrective actions to mitigate model risk through reserves, add-ons, uses limits, etc
-Organizing the discussions with model owners, developers and users throughout the validation process including a contradictory exchange on the findings and the corrective actions plan with model developers and users
-Presenting qualitative conclusions and recommendations within internal governance framework in Validation Committee (COMET)
-Maintaining an audit trail of all the validation work and the exchanges with all relevant model stakeholders during the validation process by archiving validation materials (data, spreadsheets, computer code)

Model Risk Management

Contribute to Model Risk Management processes on CACIB models at Head office and Combined US Operations (CUSO) levels:

-Presenting within the Group governance the validation work including advancement of the annual model review work plan, conclusion of the reviews, follow-up of remediation actions plans,

-Assessing model risk consistent with local and Head Office standards in particular by weighing quantitative aspects with regard to environment of use and ongoing controls processes,

-Providing an opinion on local models risks assessment for New York management to enlighten decision to be taken on models and relative processes governing model-cycle.


-Following up on upcoming new regulatory requirements and their impacts


Business type: Risk management / control


Contract type: Permanent contract


Management position: Yes


Salary range: $180,000 - $220,000

Position location

Geographical area

America, United States Of America



Candidate criteria

Minimal education level

Postgraduate degree – MA/MSc/PhD/Doctorate or equivalent

Academic qualification / Speciality


-Master of Science (MsC) / engineer 



-In Finance, economics, business preferred


Level of minimal experience

11 years and more



-10-15 yrs. Banking experience, including in Risk Division or , Inspection / Audit Division



Required skills


-Detailed Oriented, articulate with very good communication skills

-Excellent Analytical Skills

-Ability to set up and manage complex processes

-Resourceful in identifying, following up and resolving issues

-Ability to identify high level messages and to have a vision to orient the team

-Ability to manage a team composed of experts

-Strong team spirit and work ethic

-Sound understanding of model risk, model validation purposes, market risks

-Solid experience in modelling, risk management, control functions or inspection team

-Successful exposure to regulators

-Strong knowledge of model regulations

-Good vision of CACIB model risks and IT systems