12 Month Internship - Structured Commodity Finance

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Types of Jobs - Corporate & Investment Banking

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12 Month Internship - Structured Commodity Finance

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12 Months

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A one-year internship aiming at assisting SCF London EMEA Team in originating, developing new and monitoring existing transactions in the area of both Structured Commodity Finance (SCF) and Trade Commodity Finance (TCF) in EMEA (Russia, Central Asia/Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa), focusing on specific countries to be identified and strengthening our current position with existing clients/transactions.


Key Responsibilities

· Assist SCF London EMEA Team in originating and structuring new transactions in order to increase revenue of the department in close coordination with the other SCF EMEA Directors and the Global Head of SCF.

· Contribute to the development of the existing portfolio and diversify the current sources of revenues of the SCF Department within the strategy of the Bank.

· Assist SCF London EMEA Team in carrying out all steps of the transaction process (origination, due diligence, credit application, credit committee approvals, implementation and monitoring / follow-up of the deals) in close coordination with the Global Head of SCF.  This includes, when required, management of transactions in restructuring and to the extent possible, transactions that are related to counterparties under sanctions.

· Assist SCF London EMEA Team in the management of the team’s reporting requirements in liaison with London AMO for the purposes of income RWA/CWA and income follow-up, budget preparations and strategy business line / portfolio reviews.  Manage intra-departmental communication:

·  Within ITB worldwide; and

· With different business lines of CA CIB in order to optimise synergies and cross-selling opportunities

· Responsibility for and management, as relevant, of the on-boarding and KYC process related to SCF EMEA clients. In the current geopolitical environment, this task has a special relevance to the team’s portfolio in Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia.

· Assist SCF London EMEA Team in developing relationships with other banks involved in SCF in order to increase CA CIB’s portfolio, income, profitability and visibility in SCF transactions

· Assist SCF London EMEA Team in originating and structuring of TCF transactions for London based clients and/or for clients in other EMEA countries which transactions would be booked in London.

Position location

Geographical area

Europe, United Kingdom



Candidate criteria

Minimal education level

Bachelor Degree / BSc Degree or equivalent

Academic qualification / Speciality



Banking Experience

Required skills

  • International-minded team player
  • Ability to effectively communicate with other team members
  • Ability to prioritise and work on different transactions concurrently
  • Capable of handling different stages of project development