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Senior Credit Analyst

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Crédit Agricole CIB is the corporate and investment banking arm of Crédit Agricole, the world's fifth-largest bank in total assets and Europe's fourth-largest bank by tier-one equity (The Banker - July 2013). Crédit Agricole CIB offers its clients a range of products and services in capital markets, investment banking, structured finance and commercial banking. The bank supports clients in major international markets through a global network linking the main countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East.   

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Types of Jobs - Corporate & Investment Banking

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Senior Credit Analyst

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Permanent Contract


Local SCS teams (LSCSs) focus on corporate files belonging to the CIN business lines in their respective country, as well as on corporate files under SFI coverage.  Work includes:

Risk opinion: Provide high quality risk opinions in compliance with Bank policies.

 - Involve in preparation of credit application for new requests as well as annual reviews  ensuring credit risk associated with business propositions have been thoroughly and objectively assessed, taking into account all relevant financial and market information, the nature of the products involved, country risk and the structure and make appropriate recommendations.  

- Ensure all the requests are in full compliance with local regulatory and risk strategy of the Bank as well as data accuracy in Bank’s risk systems. 

- Ensure annual reviews are prepared in a timely manner and that ratings are reviewed by the bank at least every 12 months. 

- Risk Monitoring: To monitor quality of the bank’s portfolio in close liaison with FO

 - Monitor credit risks in the portfolio, particularly by anticipating them and by sorting out discrepancies. 

- Involve in and co-ordinate Credit Risk Management (CRM) for the completeness of counterparty data warehouse (e.g. client status, ratings, sectors, countries, limits etc) and monitor overdue review / ratings.

- Analyze and monitor capital market operations and structured products, especially those complex transactions involving credit risk. 

- Prepare sector review and information for early warning meeting when appropriate.

Risk Support: To collaborate with other departments of the bank in ensuring a smooth and safe credit and operational flow on bank’s portfolio.

 - Participate in day-to-day transaction and credit approval when appropriate.

- Develop a constructive and open working relationship with various line of business as well as regional/HO platform.
l  Provide advisory on client prospect lists, involve discussion in various pipeline meeting and  on credit structures as well as bank policies

 Teamwork and knowledge sharing: Contributing effectively toward team goals. 

 - Share the workload within the team to reduce overdue review backlog – ensure work is completed within agreed timescales to keep backlog to the least.   

- Discuss critical issues within the team when needed

-  Encourage a sound risk culture by knowledge sharing

- Involve in preparation of portfolio review, bank’s strategy and policies, procedures and guidelines related to risk and compliance/regulatory matters 

 Involve in other assignments as required by Head of LSCS and LCRO.

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Asia, China



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Minimal education level

3 years of higher education (L3)

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Master/ Bachelor degree with strong academic background.

Level of minimal experience

11 years and more


Chinese and English